The Bridge

Of the roughly 12 million people in the Paris region, less than 1% are evangelical Christians.  The city has a 25% Muslim population, and contains huge people groups from every region of the world.  Paris is also home to a huge international business population, with 10 of the world’s 100 largest companies headquartered there.  It is a strategic mission field in the midst of Western Europe.

There are many bridges through the heart of Paris as The Seine river makes it’s way through the heart of the city. We call this ministry “The Bridge” because right now Paris is filled with more foreigners than at any point in its 2000 year history. They share one thing in common: A need to meet Jesus Christ.  We want to provide a place in the kingdom of God for these people to come together.The Bridge logo

“The Bridge” is a groundbreaking church planting and ministry effort in the city of Paris.

What is the Bridge?

  • International Church
  • Home for culturally unique congregations
  • Church planting engine for the Paris area
  • Ministry Center focusing on the ethnically diverse population of Paris
  • Base for short-term teams serving in outreach, construction, and arts ministry
  • Internship and ministry mentoring center
  • Team-based ministry approach
  • Network of support for local ministries working to impact Paris

See to see the church plant’s website.

The Bridge Project and The Tysons:  To give online or setup a monthly gift, click here.


2 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Bonjour!

    Je m’appelle Elizabeth. My sister who attends Eagle Creek Assembly of God in Indianapolis informed me about all that you are doing. I will explain a bit further…

    I am actually interested in being informed about your internship program. My sister said that you spoke about this program geared towards students that are finishing Bible college and are pretty much wondering what their next steps might be.

    I am 26, this July 2007 I will be done with my 3-year ministry program at Hillsong International Leader College. I have been trained for ministry at all levels from the practical to the spiritual specifically in the area of the arts. I was a vocal major for 2 years then my third year consisted of a personal internship with the Dance Pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney.

    Previous to 2005, before arriving at Hillsong Church I finished my Bachelors of Arts – specifically a Major in French studies, a minor in spanish, dance performance, and political science.

    I speak french, France is my baby, directly the south-east coast, the city of Marseille. I know that I will help the Kingdom of God to advance in this country, for now I will be arriving home in October and will be working full time.

    I definitely won’t want to move to France right away seeing as there are other things that God has placed in my heart to do before hand, but I don’t want to disconnect myself entirely of my heart’s passion. Anyway, its amazing to hear all that God is doing and I would like to know more.

    Be blessed,
    Elizabeth Curet


  2. God has called me to Paris. I am a 60 year old high school Spanish teacher that spent 10 weeks 4 years ago in the south of France studying French and doing evangelism along the highways and byways with great success. I will be in Paris probably no later than November.


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