Itineration has begun

We’re one the road in Amarillo, TX this weekend.  We have been back in the US ten days, and are excited to share in our first service tomorrow morning.  Click here to see our email from tonight.  Every fifth year or so, we will return to connect with all of our prayer partners and supporters.  It is a time to report what God has done and cast vision for what is coming next.

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Tyson Prayer Card

The Bridge Turns Two

Celebrating Two Years (click here for print newsletter)

Back in 2007 when the vision of The Bridge was first birthed, we could not imagine the plans God had in mind for Paris.  The Bridge celebrated its two year anniversary in March, and on Easter welcomed the largest crowd yet of 172 people!

We are preparing next Sunday to launch our 7th round of small groups, and each week on Sunday mornings there are around 120 people from 40 different nations.

Decision Sunday for France

This Sunday is the final vote in the French presidential election.  Please pray for the French people as they wrestle with the common issues of taxation, immigration, education, but also with the vital approach to how God is seen the country and what place is allowed for the church.

For instance, recently France passed a law preventing prayer in public places.  We know that God works in people’s lives regardless of government “permission,” but we pray that God’s name will be proclaimed in France in every way.

The Vision of Growth

As you know the vision of The Bridge has always been much more than a single church plant.  We want to reach every language and culture group in the Paris region, representing the entire world.

After two years of preparation, our first new expression launched last month.  A French speaking service representing many African nations and islands around the world has begun.  It is a passionate and vibrant meeting. We know that this is just the beginning!

Returning to Tell the Story

This July we will return to the U.S. for a year to reconnect with many of you.  We have so many stories to share when we return.  Please let us know if you would like us to share at your church.  We will also be sharing more stories through this newsletter and our website!

We are thankful for the wonderful team God has built here in Paris that allows us to be gone, and for the ministry to still continue to grow!  As our two-year Missionary Associates began leaving, God has been faithful to replace them with wonderful people leading ministries here in Paris.

Merry Christmas from The Tysons

Christmas Photo from the Tysons 2011

A Wonderful season of Rememberance
We are so thankful as we celebrate Christmas this year! The gift that God sent to earth two thousand years ago has brought life to the city of Paris where we have been ministering. Thank you for all your prayers and support this last year.

Recent Newsletter
Our November newsletter is now available online. Download the PDF here. A wonderful look at what God has been doing at The Bridge International Church, and the wonderful ministry teams who have visited this year.

Still Time of 2011 Contributions
For those of you wishing to make year-end contributions, there is still time. Online gifts can be made securely with debit/credit cards by clicking here. All checks should be marked with “Tyson– AGWM #257333” in the note portion, postmarked before December 31, 2011 and mailed to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

A Family Note
We have made an unexpected trip to the U.S. to be with Amanda’s family for the funeral of her Grandfather, Rev. Edward Grant. He has always been at the center of Amanda’s world, and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers. He is just one of the many family and friends that have enabled us to move forward in God’s work because of their encouragement and love. We are celebrating his life and the way God used him in decades of pastoral ministry in West Florida.

All our love and warm Christmas greetings are yours,
Todd & Amanda Tyson
Tessa (10), Sophia (9) and Luke (3)

Seasons of growth

Have you ever gone through a season where everything was changing? We’ve been through that the last 6 months. We’ve had 4 of our team members moving away from France, in bittersweet transitions to their next phases in life (with several more departures on the horizon… be praying for those who are coming to join us in the next year!). At the same time The Bridge has surged forward into fresh, dynamic community life.

The Bridge is an International English speaking church.  But it’s also the vision of a great ministry center raised up in Paris.  There are many goals (building, new church plants, partners for multi-ethnic ministry, etc.) that are still in progress, but so much has already come to fulfillment.  We have over 15 nations represented on any given Sunday.  We commemorated the 1 year anniversary of the church and an incredible Easter celebration back in the Spring, along with our first baptism.  We’ve seen over 100 people at The Bridge almost every week this fall (with 125 on two occasions).  Teams have continued to join our ministry for short trips– enabling us to spread our impact to the community around us.  We just celebrated the opening of a new building of our sister church in Les Mureaux at which so many teams have done renovation work.

Even through the transition of team members leaving, several have joined us– divine appointments with people who had come to France for other purposes, but whose callings brought them to join us working at The Bridge.  God is truly an amazing God & he shows me every day in some way that His plans are bigger than mine.  Feel free to browse The Bridge’s newly redesigned website–  Our “Team” page is not complete with new members yet, but will be soon. We will also have fresh newsletter material this month, so look for that.  Click here if you are not on our email list.

Now we wait to see what the next season brings!  Our prayer requests are for a building for the church, new team members preparing to come, finances to stay strong for the remainder of our first term here in Paris, and for strong lay leaders to continue to rise up here at The Bridge.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.

Growing & Changing at The Bridge

We have wonderful news to share with you! The Bridge International Church is celebrating its one year anniversary this Sunday. You began this journey with us back in 2007 when the vision of The Bridge was first birthed.

(There is special newsletter from The Bridge that we are sharing only by email. Let me know if you didn’t receive it.)

We had the privilege of working with Robby & Tracy Bradford since 2005 in planting our first international church in Holland. Our founding partners here at The Bridge, they needed to return to the US in October, so since then departure we have served as Lead Pastors at The Bridge. Since then The Bridge team of 20 adults (seen here) has continued to move forward with the vision of The Bridge as a dynamic International Church and key ministry center in the Paris region.

The church has steadily grown each month to the point where almost 100 people have been in our services several times recently.

We would ask you to continue your faithful prayers for The Bridge as we move forward to reach greater Paris for Jesus Christ. Much of the financial support for preparing a building for The Bridge was coming through Robby’s account, so we have asked for those supporters to continue to support The Bridge directly through a special account–we know God will provide every resource our team needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about The Bridge or would like to arrange for a personal update for your church!

Sincerely thankful for your years of prayer and partnership,
Todd & Amanda Tyson

Address Change: Some of you so kindly send our family mail.  Please note our new address after having finished language school:

90 Allee Maurice Berteaux
78670 Villennes sur Seine

“Rentrée” & Building update

Well September is the “Re-entry” in French culture. People have spent the last 6 weeks completely checked out of normal life… many on vacation for a month at a time, but now… everyone’s back. School’s started, businesses re-opened, and people look to fill their social calendar. The Bridge is engaging people at different community events, as well as hosting an open house day on Sunday morning, Sept. 19.

We are now going to begin our 4th set of negotiations for a permanent home for The Bridge. This property is affordable, in a great location and has enough space to fulfill our long-term vision of The Bridge as a ministry center. It needs LOTS of renovation though, so when it is finalized start booking your trip to come help!

Tyson Tidings 5.1.5– Email only update

The Bridge will begin it’s “building” phase this September.  There will be at least four families involved by the first Sunday in September, but we have every reason to believe many more will join us.

See our latest email newsletter– click here.

Many friends and churches have responded generously, so we have ALMOST completed our fundraising (the only thing keeping us from buying our tickets).  Only $375 in monthly support is needed (or the equivalent in one-time gifts– $13,500).  We praise God that He is providing in the midst of all the economic gloom we hear from the news each day!  (For anyone wanting to submit a new pledge or adjust a current one, click hereEmail us about any one-time contributions so we’ll know they are coming.)We hope to leave for France the week of July 20.  Please pray that God provides everything needed SOON, so we can finalize our plans to move.

A big answer to prayer– we praise God for helping us find a family-friendly language school so close to our target area for The Bridge!

Pray for housing to be found, needed financial commitments to come in, and moving plans to go smoothly!

The Bridge Videos debut

The Bridge’s website will launch in the next few weeks [edit: now live at], but here is a sneak peak at the first content item for that website.

(Click the “HQ” icon in the bottom right corner menu for high quality)

Not yet posted here, below is a video describing the overall project preparation and vision for The Bridge.

Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

Download Printable version here: Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

The Bridge small logo“The Bridge” will be a new church plant combined with a ministry center focusing on the international population of the city of Paris, France. We are asking God to bring together an amazing team of people, both from the US and abroad to make this dream a reality— building a bridge of hope to the city of Paris. Only 5 out of 1000 people claim a relationship with Jesus Christ in this city, which is home to 3 million Muslims as well as people representing every corner of the world. The Bridge will serve as a church planting engine for the Paris region, a center for mentoring of future pastors and missionaries, and launching point for outreach. We will be inviting dozens of short-term ministry teams to play significant roles in this endeavor. (See “The Bridge Project” link to the right for more information) Continue reading “Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge”