The Bridge Turns Two

Celebrating Two Years (click here for print newsletter)

Back in 2007 when the vision of The Bridge was first birthed, we could not imagine the plans God had in mind for Paris.  The Bridge celebrated its two year anniversary in March, and on Easter welcomed the largest crowd yet of 172 people!

We are preparing next Sunday to launch our 7th round of small groups, and each week on Sunday mornings there are around 120 people from 40 different nations.

Decision Sunday for France

This Sunday is the final vote in the French presidential election.  Please pray for the French people as they wrestle with the common issues of taxation, immigration, education, but also with the vital approach to how God is seen the country and what place is allowed for the church.

For instance, recently France passed a law preventing prayer in public places.  We know that God works in people’s lives regardless of government “permission,” but we pray that God’s name will be proclaimed in France in every way.

The Vision of Growth

As you know the vision of The Bridge has always been much more than a single church plant.  We want to reach every language and culture group in the Paris region, representing the entire world.

After two years of preparation, our first new expression launched last month.  A French speaking service representing many African nations and islands around the world has begun.  It is a passionate and vibrant meeting. We know that this is just the beginning!

Returning to Tell the Story

This July we will return to the U.S. for a year to reconnect with many of you.  We have so many stories to share when we return.  Please let us know if you would like us to share at your church.  We will also be sharing more stories through this newsletter and our website!

We are thankful for the wonderful team God has built here in Paris that allows us to be gone, and for the ministry to still continue to grow!  As our two-year Missionary Associates began leaving, God has been faithful to replace them with wonderful people leading ministries here in Paris.

Tyson Tidings 6.1– Momentous Occasions


We are preparing for the first public service of The Bridge in Paris this coming Sunday!  Our team is growing, and any day we could receive an answer allowing us to obtain a permanent building for The Bridge.  Momentous occasions indeed!  Read all about it & print one out for your church (or let us know if you need a printed copy).

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Todd & Amanda Tyson and family

Tyson Tidings 4.2- Milestones in our Journey

Download Printable Version Here: Tyson Tidings 4.2- Milestones in our Journey

As our missions team continued to grow (see below) and our monthly support hit 55%, the highlight of our year finally arrived. Luke Isaiah Tyson was born on May 7 at 9 lbs, 7 oz and 21 1/2 inches. He is doing great and has already gained 3 pounds! He has big blue eyes and brownish strawberry-blond hair. Amanda is recovering well from the unexpected c-section. She thanks everyone for their prayers. Luke made his first road trip May 25 to Madison, IN (sign on right) and has been on the go ever since— he and mom are troopers! Thanks for the good wishes and hospitality from friends, family and churches.

The Growing Team: Two new missionaries have been appointed to work with us on The Bridge team in Paris. Continue reading “Tyson Tidings 4.2- Milestones in our Journey”

Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

Download Printable version here: Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

The Bridge small logo“The Bridge” will be a new church plant combined with a ministry center focusing on the international population of the city of Paris, France. We are asking God to bring together an amazing team of people, both from the US and abroad to make this dream a reality— building a bridge of hope to the city of Paris. Only 5 out of 1000 people claim a relationship with Jesus Christ in this city, which is home to 3 million Muslims as well as people representing every corner of the world. The Bridge will serve as a church planting engine for the Paris region, a center for mentoring of future pastors and missionaries, and launching point for outreach. We will be inviting dozens of short-term ministry teams to play significant roles in this endeavor. (See “The Bridge Project” link to the right for more information) Continue reading “Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge”