Seasons of growth

Have you ever gone through a season where everything was changing? We’ve been through that the last 6 months. We’ve had 4 of our team members moving away from France, in bittersweet transitions to their next phases in life (with several more departures on the horizon… be praying for those who are coming to join us in the next year!). At the same time The Bridge has surged forward into fresh, dynamic community life.

The Bridge is an International English speaking church.  But it’s also the vision of a great ministry center raised up in Paris.  There are many goals (building, new church plants, partners for multi-ethnic ministry, etc.) that are still in progress, but so much has already come to fulfillment.  We have over 15 nations represented on any given Sunday.  We commemorated the 1 year anniversary of the church and an incredible Easter celebration back in the Spring, along with our first baptism.  We’ve seen over 100 people at The Bridge almost every week this fall (with 125 on two occasions).  Teams have continued to join our ministry for short trips– enabling us to spread our impact to the community around us.  We just celebrated the opening of a new building of our sister church in Les Mureaux at which so many teams have done renovation work.

Even through the transition of team members leaving, several have joined us– divine appointments with people who had come to France for other purposes, but whose callings brought them to join us working at The Bridge.  God is truly an amazing God & he shows me every day in some way that His plans are bigger than mine.  Feel free to browse The Bridge’s newly redesigned website–  Our “Team” page is not complete with new members yet, but will be soon. We will also have fresh newsletter material this month, so look for that.  Click here if you are not on our email list.

Now we wait to see what the next season brings!  Our prayer requests are for a building for the church, new team members preparing to come, finances to stay strong for the remainder of our first term here in Paris, and for strong lay leaders to continue to rise up here at The Bridge.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.

The Bridge Videos debut

The Bridge’s website will launch in the next few weeks [edit: now live at], but here is a sneak peak at the first content item for that website.

(Click the “HQ” icon in the bottom right corner menu for high quality)

Not yet posted here, below is a video describing the overall project preparation and vision for The Bridge.

Tyson Tidings 4.3– A Call To Prayer

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In the busyness of our work this year—long days on the phone, in the car, and at churches—we can begin to think of our preparation to leave for France as a human endeavor. IT IS NOT!
God has laid it on our heart to ask for targeted prayer about raising the rest of our support. We need to begin language school in January so we can be finished by Fall 2009 as the Bridge Team arrives in France to begin the church planting process. Continue reading “Tyson Tidings 4.3– A Call To Prayer”