Reflections at Christmas

tyson-christmas-photo-2016-webAs we celebrate Jesus’ birth this year, we are amazed at all He continues to do through His church, here in Paris and around the world! This fall has seen growth in all the right ways through our ministry in Paris. We opened a Community Centre in a wonderful location. Not

We opened a Community Centre in a wonderful location. Not only is our team growing through volunteers and the synergy of having a central meeting location, but our presence in the community during the week is growing. We are thankful for God answering all our prayers in this long-time goal for The Bridge.

More people are prepared to be baptized in early 2017 and our team is developing new discipleship strategies to connect with transient people who are here for different lengths of time and commute from all over Paris. Every summer we feel like our church has to start from scratch with so many departures, but every Christmas we rejoice to see what He has done in our community to breathe new life into the hearts of men, women & families who have joined The Bridge community!

Our family will spend the 2017-2018 school year in the U.S. (yes it’s been almost 4 years since our last time back!). We see God weaving together our leadership team in preparation for that season. We look forward to the reconnection with so many, but we ask your prayers for our family as it also brings many challenges as well.

Tessa is 15 now, Sophia 14, Luke 8 and Tori 4. We will celebrate 21 years of marriage and that same time together in ministry next week. We are blessed by God and by you. Merry Christmas and may your 2017 be the best year yet!

It's getting good!

We spent the first two months back in France settling into our house, getting the kids ready for school, and meeting all the new people that have come to The Bridge International Church while we were gone. Paris is such a transient city, the average time that most people stay there is 2 years. So many from the international community moved away during our year in the U.S., while many new people arrived. One thing we’ve learned is that people are always hungry for a spiritual home, even in the middle of “secular” Europe.

We are so grateful for our team that has done such a great job here. Now that September has arrived, we have launched all new small groups and held one of our major outreaches of the year called “Open Doors.” This event was part festival, part open house, part church service. With over 150 people there that day we were introduced to people from around the world, including a family who had lived within 2 miles of our meeting location, but heard about us and visited for the first time. One of the family members attending my Bible study in the week since, and volunteered to help with the children this Sunday. God has people all around us that are hungry we’ve just got to find them. 5000 flyers helped us this month as we visited train stations along the line near the church at rush hour. Your prayers help even more though– thank you!

We are finishing our month (I know it’s October, but it still feels like September to me) with a water baptism tomorrow. At least four people representing four different nations will be testifying about their desire to follow Christ!

Merry Christmas from The Tysons

Christmas Photo from the Tysons 2011

A Wonderful season of Rememberance
We are so thankful as we celebrate Christmas this year! The gift that God sent to earth two thousand years ago has brought life to the city of Paris where we have been ministering. Thank you for all your prayers and support this last year.

Recent Newsletter
Our November newsletter is now available online. Download the PDF here. A wonderful look at what God has been doing at The Bridge International Church, and the wonderful ministry teams who have visited this year.

Still Time of 2011 Contributions
For those of you wishing to make year-end contributions, there is still time. Online gifts can be made securely with debit/credit cards by clicking here. All checks should be marked with “Tyson– AGWM #257333” in the note portion, postmarked before December 31, 2011 and mailed to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

A Family Note
We have made an unexpected trip to the U.S. to be with Amanda’s family for the funeral of her Grandfather, Rev. Edward Grant. He has always been at the center of Amanda’s world, and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers. He is just one of the many family and friends that have enabled us to move forward in God’s work because of their encouragement and love. We are celebrating his life and the way God used him in decades of pastoral ministry in West Florida.

All our love and warm Christmas greetings are yours,
Todd & Amanda Tyson
Tessa (10), Sophia (9) and Luke (3)

A summer of change

We appreciate your prayers over the last month. We are very close to finalizing negotiations on space for the church in an office building in Le Pecq– which is in the heart of our target area in Paris’ western suburbs. Please continue to pray about this, as there are still a few logistical hurdles to be worked out.

On the family side, we are finishing language school on Friday, June 25. Hard to believe this year of language study is almost behind us, but we are very thankful for it. We can communicate adequately now in French (still lots of improvement ahead) and understand almost everything we come into contact with. It opens up many new doors for relationships as well as simply navigating life & business here in France!

The children will be finishing their school year (completely French environment) on Friday, July 2. We are so proud of them. We will be moving at the end of July to live among the international community concentrated on the west side of Paris (our school has been 20 minutes south of Paris). We appreciate your continued prayers for this transition as the right location, price and space are a hard combination to find!