The Tyson’s have two older daughters– Tessa (born March 2001) and Sophia (born November 2002). Their son is Luke (May 2008) is now joined by their youngest daughter Tori (born November 2012). They are the best TCK (Third Culture Kids) in the world (“TCK” means they bridge two cultures, creating a mold that is all their own). Tessa & Sophia thrived in the Netherlands from 2005-2007, then have attended French school from 2009. Luke started first grade in France during the 2014-2015 school year & did great learning to read French. Tori started morning pre-school in January 2016, and began full time in September 2016. So with all 4 kids in school now there is never a lack of drama around the house!

The family is really enjoying life in France, as well as the times they get to visit back in the U.S., catching up with family and friends.

Click here for some WAY BACK pictures of the girls in the Tyson home in Holland (2005-2007).

You can read more about what family life was like in the Netherlands by clicking on the list of “Family Updates,” sorted by date on our old Blog page (hint: this is the only place on the web to access these “secret archives”  :->).