2016… Quite a Year so Far!

The last year has been a great year of growth in the church & and in our team here in Paris. We were thrilled to see 14 people get baptized this summer. The good news just continues because we’ve finally had an offer accepted for a mid-week ministry center!  It was a miracle where God met all of our needs– location, size & budget. We look forward to a new season of ministry here in as we engage our community & build the church!

september-collage-open-doors-alphaPlease be in prayer with us for the last two weeks of September which are so key here in Paris. People have just moved here, or they’re coming back from long summer breaks… and BOOM!  Life begins anew.  School, work, family, community… it all finds new life this month & we pray that for many Jesus will bring about new life in them!  The weekend of 24-25 September is our big outreach weekend where will be inviting people in on Saturday evening as well as Sunday morning. Most don’t know what to expect from “church” people but they always find a great time, warm welcome, and hopefully challenging inspiration!

Thanks for your prayers– we could not do it without you!

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