Thanksgiving from Paris

Two weeks ago tomorrow, it was surreal to realize that after the attacks earlier this year it was happening all over again. Everyone here was really scared Friday & Saturday. Most people seemed to know someone who was at the stadium, and we heard of several that narrowly missed the killings at the restaurant or concert, and even one local man who lost his life, but we thank God our immediate relationships and our church was spared any casualties. The fear was that the violence would surface again the next day as it did earlier this year. It really wasn’t until the following Wednesday in the Saint-Denis area that there was a tangible fear of violence, which turned out to be a definitive police action.

Watch Todd’s video that he prepared the night after the attacks.

As for that first Sunday, some local officials restricted gatherings but we met & had two great services (3 including our French African fellowship). After talking and praying, our team wiped away the normal order of service & totally revolved around these 5 prayer themes from our British team member. Praying interspersed with worship songs was the theme of the day. People came out in strength, and we were pleased that fear did not dominate the day. We had an especially powerful time as small groups gathered around the auditorium to lift up each other & the Christian community.

We’re praying for open doors to connect with the community, and to have conversations that otherwise would never happen outside these terrible circumstances.  Pray with us for peace to come from Christians into situations all across the city where people are in fear.

Watch this video here to see what one of our church members and her friends did to help bring peace back to the city of lights.

This Thanksgiving Day Todd led a Bible Study combined with a turkey dinner, while the rest of the family welcomed friends and neighbors into our home. There’s no place like home (we miss you all!), but your prayers have helped people find a spiritual “home” here in Paris!

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