What's new in the New Year?

We love what God is doing here in Paris.  The Bridge continues to grow & lives continue to be changed.  We say goodbye to people often due to the nature of people’s work that brings them here for a few years at a time; however, somehow God continues to add to our number!  We just finished a prayer, devotions & fasting emphasis early in the year.  It was the first time many people had fasted or had a Bible reading plan.  It’s wonderful to see new spiritual experiences blossom in people’s hearts.  We are preaching a series now on Sundays called “Jesus the Healer.”  Go on over to www.thebridgeparis.com/messages and catch our podcast!  Pray that God opens people’s heart to the miracles He wants to do in their lives.

We have begun a fresh building search; after hitting another dead-end late in the year.  We’ve visited four buildings, and one is a possibility for negotiations.   Pray with us that we find a permanent home before my family comes home this summer for our year of itineration.  Our team here is strong though & will be able to continue to do “portable church” one way or the other.  Our small groups throughout the community have been the true harvest of spiritual growth– we love how relational The Bridge is.  We are starting plans to launch our first additional service in French– it will be an expression of a French/African group that has been meeting in an apartment for the last few years.  Very exciting as we see the vision of The Bridge continue to unfold.  Thanks for your prayers and support!

PS– We are about 50 days from Easter and we are praying at The Bridge for those closest to us in the community to come to know Jesus.  Would you pray with us?  Last Easter someone said to me on their first Sunday morning visit, “I have never understood what the Easter story really meant until today.”  We are praying for so many more people to “hear & see” the message!

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