Growing & Changing at The Bridge

We have wonderful news to share with you! The Bridge International Church is celebrating its one year anniversary this Sunday. You began this journey with us back in 2007 when the vision of The Bridge was first birthed.

(There is special newsletter from The Bridge that we are sharing only by email. Let me know if you didn’t receive it.)

We had the privilege of working with Robby & Tracy Bradford since 2005 in planting our first international church in Holland. Our founding partners here at The Bridge, they needed to return to the US in October, so since then departure we have served as Lead Pastors at The Bridge. Since then The Bridge team of 20 adults (seen here) has continued to move forward with the vision of The Bridge as a dynamic International Church and key ministry center in the Paris region.

The church has steadily grown each month to the point where almost 100 people have been in our services several times recently.

We would ask you to continue your faithful prayers for The Bridge as we move forward to reach greater Paris for Jesus Christ. Much of the financial support for preparing a building for The Bridge was coming through Robby’s account, so we have asked for those supporters to continue to support The Bridge directly through a special account–we know God will provide every resource our team needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about The Bridge or would like to arrange for a personal update for your church!

Sincerely thankful for your years of prayer and partnership,
Todd & Amanda Tyson

Address Change: Some of you so kindly send our family mail.  Please note our new address after having finished language school:

90 Allee Maurice Berteaux
78670 Villennes sur Seine

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