Tyson Tidings Newsletter 6.2– A new Season for The Bridge

It has been just over 7 months since The Bridge International Church launched.  The church is growing & small groups are meeting.  This September started a great new season of growth and building relationships.  Here is a link with our current newsletter.  It’s a downloadable PDF file.

Click here to download the newsletter (PDF)

Please join with us in prayer over two issues:

1) Building possibilities— We have agreed for the purchase of a building for The Bridge, but there remain some hurdles with zoning and occupancy requirements that need to be satisfied before the owner will proceed with the sale.  Please pray for God’s favor as we navigate this process.

2) Leadership Development— As we have passed the 6 month mark in the church, we are praying for insight as we ask people to join in leadership, and wisdom in the training and organization of the church.

Special note: We are constantly scheduling short-term teams to minister here.  We welcome teams of all kinds, and will have an urgent need for building renovation soon!  Please contact us anytime about bringing a team from your church, university, etc…

One thought on “Tyson Tidings Newsletter 6.2– A new Season for The Bridge

  1. Todd I will continue to pray for the bridge and when I am able will send what I can. At some point I believe I will be able to attend a service and recieve a real blessing,Merry Christmas brother in christ’s service Henry Cano


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