A summer of change

We appreciate your prayers over the last month. We are very close to finalizing negotiations on space for the church in an office building in Le Pecq– which is in the heart of our target area in Paris’ western suburbs. Please continue to pray about this, as there are still a few logistical hurdles to be worked out.

On the family side, we are finishing language school on Friday, June 25. Hard to believe this year of language study is almost behind us, but we are very thankful for it. We can communicate adequately now in French (still lots of improvement ahead) and understand almost everything we come into contact with. It opens up many new doors for relationships as well as simply navigating life & business here in France!

The children will be finishing their school year (completely French environment) on Friday, July 2. We are so proud of them. We will be moving at the end of July to live among the international community concentrated on the west side of Paris (our school has been 20 minutes south of Paris). We appreciate your continued prayers for this transition as the right location, price and space are a hard combination to find!


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