Tyson Tidings Prayer Requests– Building Search & Team Members

Bridge Picnic

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It has been just over 2 months since The Bridge International Church launched.  In those two months the church has continued to grow, small groups have successfully started, and new people are coming every week!  Pictured is a scene from the first Bridge picnic May 9, with about 50 people in attendance.  Thank you for your continued prayers and faithful support.  Rather than give a full update today though, I have two quick prayer requests.

Please join with us in prayer over two issues:

1) Building possibilities– Tomorrow (May 25) I will be making a follow-up inspection of a building that we are considering for the church (we currently meet in a conference center each Sunday).  We are praying for God’s direction as our most promising building option fell through two weeks ago unexpectedly after several months of waiting.

2) Team members– We have 10 family units as part of our team now (pictured are the “Bridge Team Kids” at Easter).  Bridge Team KidsWe have already had our first “Bridge baby”– congratulations to the Kempermans, our Dutch team members and dear friends.  The 2nd baby is expected within the next week– prayers with The Browns– fellow American missionaries working with The Bridge.  Besides these issues each family needs your prayers.  All face the normal day-to-day challenges of life in a foreign country, but some are facing huge challenges and need God’s blessing right now!

Thank you for reading this, and remembering us in prayer.  Please pray for our family also, as our leadership role among the team will be developing more fully as we finish language school in June.

Your notes and prayers are precious to us each day!  God is moving mountains here in Paris– touching the world through this incredible, international city.

Todd & Amanda Tyson and family


P.S.  We are constantly scheduling short-term teams to minister here.  We welcome teams of all kinds, and will have an urgent need for building renovation soon!  Please contact us anytime about bringing a team from your church,  university, etc…

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