Tyson Tidings 5.1.5– Email only update

The Bridge will begin it’s “building” phase this September.  There will be at least four families involved by the first Sunday in September, but we have every reason to believe many more will join us.

See our latest email newsletter– click here.

Many friends and churches have responded generously, so we have ALMOST completed our fundraising (the only thing keeping us from buying our tickets).  Only $375 in monthly support is needed (or the equivalent in one-time gifts– $13,500).  We praise God that He is providing in the midst of all the economic gloom we hear from the news each day!  (For anyone wanting to submit a new pledge or adjust a current one, click hereEmail us about any one-time contributions so we’ll know they are coming.)We hope to leave for France the week of July 20.  Please pray that God provides everything needed SOON, so we can finalize our plans to move.

A big answer to prayer– we praise God for helping us find a family-friendly language school so close to our target area for The Bridge!

Pray for housing to be found, needed financial commitments to come in, and moving plans to go smoothly!


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