A Good Year to Move to France!

Les Cedres language school

We have had good news on several fronts lately. We have found a 2nd language school option (click here for link if you find the topic interesting).  The most difficult criteria to find is organized childcare for Luke.  This school’s schedule also gives us more flexibility on our departure date, and is in the Paris region so we will have an easier time settling in and avoid extra travel as the church planting process begins later this year.

We have seen some significant progress in our fundraising as well. We have only 22% of our monthly support to raise, and our cash budget (for one-time expenses) is close to being met. We appreciate so much the generosity of each church we have visited, as well as friends and family.

At this point anyone who would like to give a one-time (or annual) offering could consider recording a monthly pledge (click here) for 1/12 of the amount for annual gifts, or 1/36 the amount for one-time gifts to cover our 3 year term.  This would accurately reflect our available funds AND meet our fundraising goal sooner (i.e. $720 one time=$20/month or $600 annually=$50/month).  Just email Todd at todd@tysontidings.com or call 317-529-5154 with any questions.

Our plan now is to leave as soon as the funds and visa process allows.  An average timeline based on those items is that we would leave in late Spring/early Summer, but please pray with us for God’s perfect timing.


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