Merry Christmas from the Tysons!

(Click here to see our Christmas newsletter)

We want to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas time.  It’s a wondrous thing to celebrate Christ’s birth.  Cherish the memories and time you share with loved ones this month!

We are only a few months away from leaving for France, but it seems like just yesterday we left Hilversum in The Netherlands.  To celebrate what God has done that past two years, see HICC’s website by clicking here, and see an article in EU Digest about the 2nd church plant in Almere by clicking here (or see the Almere church– NDIC– via their website here).
This year has reminded us that just as God accomplished his great purpose by becoming flesh, He continues to work through humanity to reach the world.  The incredible partnership of churches and missionaries shows God has a unique part of His plan for each of us!

Whirlwind Tour

In November we were at 2 churches in Tennessee, 1 in Indiana, 1 in Virginia for a week-long convention, 1 in Maine, 1 in New Hampshire, 2 in North Carolina, and 2 in Florida along with the West Florida Youth Convention.  It was so great to meet many new people and see so many old friends and family!  Click here to see our updated Itinerary through January.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for our Bridge partners (around 12 who are giving 2 years to this project)– several are in transition with employment.
  • Important arrangements for the church and housing will be explored when our partner, Robby Bradford, is in Paris next month.
  • Luke is growing so well, but needs help with his sleep patterns with all our travels.

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