Tyson Tidings 4.3– A Call To Prayer

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In the busyness of our work this year—long days on the phone, in the car, and at churches—we can begin to think of our preparation to leave for France as a human endeavor. IT IS NOT!
God has laid it on our heart to ask for targeted prayer about raising the rest of our support. We need to begin language school in January so we can be finished by Fall 2009 as the Bridge Team arrives in France to begin the church planting process. We have 60% of our monthly support raised. We need to be at 80% by November to apply for our visas. God alone can provide this need. Would you ask for His timing and miraculous provision over the next two months? On Sunday mornings, we’ll pass 5 good churches on the way to 1 where we’ll share. The people of Paris pass only empty cathedrals. How can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?

Europe is often called a Post-Christian society, but God wants to rebuild His church! The Bridge will reach the French people as well as Paris’ growing international populations, with most immigration occurring from China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Bridge team members from around the country gathered in June—15 adults were present, and as you can see (right), we have our own Kids Church ready! Please continue to pray for our team and for property to be located that will be an affordable and functional home for the Bridge as an International Church as well as Ministry Center.


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