Tyson Tidings 4.2- Milestones in our Journey

Download Printable Version Here: Tyson Tidings 4.2- Milestones in our Journey

As our missions team continued to grow (see below) and our monthly support hit 55%, the highlight of our year finally arrived. Luke Isaiah Tyson was born on May 7 at 9 lbs, 7 oz and 21 1/2 inches. He is doing great and has already gained 3 pounds! He has big blue eyes and brownish strawberry-blond hair. Amanda is recovering well from the unexpected c-section. She thanks everyone for their prayers. Luke made his first road trip May 25 to Madison, IN (sign on right) and has been on the go ever since— he and mom are troopers! Thanks for the good wishes and hospitality from friends, family and churches.

The Growing Team: Two new missionaries have been appointed to work with us on The Bridge team in Paris. Katie Bailey (right) of Chandler, AZ is from our friend Tom Rakoczy’s church. She is a veteran of our team in Holland, so we are excited to be working with her again. Her website is katiebailey.wordpress.com.

Also from Arizona are J and Celeste Brown (left). J led a youth team to work with us last summer in Holland. Celeste has worked previously in both Paraguay and Bangladesh. Their website is www.lighttoeurope.com.

We had a “Bridge Builders” weekend over Memorial Day with 12 members of The Bridge team. God is knitting our hearts together and putting His plans in our minds. Please keep our team in your prayers. Fundraising is a big concern as the strong Euro increases everyone’s costs.

Why France? France is one of the least evangelized countries in the world, believe it or not— around 60 million people but less than 2,000 evangelical churches. Paris is less than 1% evangelical Christian. The countries projected to have the most Christians by 2050 are the US, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, the Congo, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and China. No country in Europe is even in the top 10. Today there are more registered occult workers in France than pastors!

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How Can you help?

  • Pray for our family’s health and travel safety, The Bridge team, and financial miracles (monthly support and for a lower Euro).

  • Mail enclosed pledge form for new/increased commitments or to renew pledges from 2005. You can also do that on the “Contributions” page at www.tysontidings.com.


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