Luke Isaiah Tyson

Luke Isaiah Tyson was born at 6:47 pm.  He was 9 lbs, 7 oz.  21 1/2 inches long.  He’s a very healthy little guy (or big guy I guess!).  Amanda is doing great.  The Lord really protected them both, and gave us peace as we went through this process.

Thanks so much for your prayers!  We did end up having to have a c-section, but everyone is healthy!  We were shocked by a big baby!  About 2 pounds bigger than his sisters.


7 thoughts on “Luke Isaiah Tyson

  1. He is amazingly cute! I am so happy for both of you. Congratulations. Amanda, how do you manage to look so beautiful after such a long day? You are incredible! Can’t wait to give little Luke a hug! Noah wants to know if Luke can come for a sleepover. love,Tracy


  2. Hi Todd & Amanda & Sophie & Tessa!
    Congratulations with the birth of your baby boy.. We are so happy for you. May the Lord bless you these coming days and months with health and happiness for the 5 of you 😉
    Martijn & Joke & Joyce & Esther Haaijer


  3. Hey Todd and Amanda!
    You really have a knack for producing adorable kids with adorable names. I really like the name Luke…I knew you would come up with a good one. Can’t wait to meet him and see you all again!


  4. Faith and I rejoice in the save arrival of little Luke. What a great biblical name. We are in prayer for a quick recovery for Amanda and a speedy return home of the two. May the Lord grant your family His blessings as you continue to serve Him in the harvest field He has called you. May your children follow in your footsteps with joy and peace as we all await our Lord’s soon return.


    Larry and Faith Bradshaw


  5. Todd,

    It was great to talk to you on the phone yesterday. Luke is one cute little dude! Congratulations from the Netherlands…Steve and Julie Kramer


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