Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

Download Printable version here: Tyson Tidings 4.1– Building the Bridge

The Bridge small logo“The Bridge” will be a new church plant combined with a ministry center focusing on the international population of the city of Paris, France. We are asking God to bring together an amazing team of people, both from the US and abroad to make this dream a reality— building a bridge of hope to the city of Paris. Only 5 out of 1000 people claim a relationship with Jesus Christ in this city, which is home to 3 million Muslims as well as people representing every corner of the world. The Bridge will serve as a church planting engine for the Paris region, a center for mentoring of future pastors and missionaries, and launching point for outreach. We will be inviting dozens of short-term ministry teams to play significant roles in this endeavor. (See “The Bridge Project” link to the right for more information)

Forming a Team: In coordination with our partners, missionaries Robby & Tracy Bradford, we are inviting people to be a part of the Bridge team for two years. The goal is to “supercharge” the effort to launch a dynamic, lasting ministry in Paris. So far two families and one individual are now raising their own funds to join us in Paris beginning in late 2009. Please keep them in your prayers, and offer them support as you may be able. Mark and Tania Wolf are from Mayville, WI. They are active lay ministers in their local church, Christian Life Fellowship. Read more at markawolf.com. Next comes Mark Birch, who has a passion for music and youth. Mark hails from Calvary Temple in Springfield, IL. Read more at myspace.com/markrb23. Finally Josh and Sarah Isenhart are from our Indiana home church— Lakeview Church in Indianapolis. While Josh is a sound engineer, and Sarah is talented musically, both of them have a heart to train and build up the church. See their website at isenhartfamily.

There are others in the application process, along with some who live in Europe already.
Please pray that God builds this team perfectly!

Finding a Home: We are working to find property in the target area we are focusing on in Paris. Due to the large team, the vision for internships and short term teams, and the difficulty of finding real estate in Paris, it is critical that we find property that will accommodate the Bridge sooner, rather than later. Please pray for property, for favor with owners and realtors, and for finances to be raised quickly.


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