Family pictureThis is our new website! This new format allows for you to leave your thoughts in comment form on any of our pages (above) or blog posts (here and below). We look forward to hearing from you!


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. HE guys…HOW are you DOING?????
    We just went on without you…but it’s not the same. We miss you. How are things going back in America. Can you start with a skype account so we can talk sometime? That would be so wonderfull! We are doing fine, We both are in new wonderfull lifegroups and Gerco is participating in de christmas musical and Corine is almost readdy for the big school. Hope to hear from you, BIG HUG Tjitske


  2. Todd and Amanda! I was thinking about you and decided to find out what you have been up to. I’m sure that things are going well for you! I was in Paris a few years ago. It was a fun trip. Be blessed!


  3. Todd,
    I received my e-mail copy of the Bradford Update today and I was thrilled to see your name in it. You probably don’t remember me but I was one of your Royal Ranger commanders when you were only 7 to 9 years old or so. I am so happy to see that you are still serving the Lord. I, myself, am serving at Cityview Christian Center and am enjoying the work the Lord gives me. I wish you and the church well in your new ministry.
    John Frost


  4. Todd & Amanda:
    It felt like old home week when I saw the Bradford Update come across my desk. You have a beautiful family. I have 3 girls now.
    It would be great to catch up sometime. Call or email anytime.


  5. Hello Todd and Amanda,
    We miss you here in Holland but are still experiencing the blessings of all your hard work while you were here. We are busy preparing for the Christmas musical and the set is coming together. Amanda, you will be happy to know the stable animals you painted last year have come to life again! You and the kids are greatly missed here. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts while you were hear. You were truly a blessing and a gift to our community.
    Keep in touch!
    Lisa den Blanken


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